February 3, 2018

National League of American Pen Women
Denver Branch

Minutes February 3, 2018

I. Ann called the meeting to order at 11:07.

II. Members in Attendance: Andrea Antico, Beverly Chico, Donna Clark, Kelly Ann Compton, Ann Klaiman, Sue Luxa, Virginia Small, Cathy Wield, Diane Chambers (for Emeritus voting and presentation)

III. Guest Critique in April:

a. Everyone was asked to take some Guest Critique flyers to pass out. They were also asked to write down how many they took and where they plan on distributing the flyers.

b. The Guest Critique will be held at Candlewyck Apartments in the Community Room on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

c. Kelly Ann will be in charge of lunch orders. Everyone agreed to ask Etai’s if we can forego the desserts again and Kelly Ann and someone else will provide the dessert.

d. We will ask people to sign up to bring morning snacks, both sweet and savory.

IV. National League of American Pen Women Elections:

a. Ann shared that Sandy Chapman is concerned about the proposed changes in the way a vote is taken when making changes to the bylaws. She was on the panel that worked hard to get the procedure changed so ALL NLAPW members vote on proposed amendments to the bylaws. The last item to on the ballot proposes changing this by having voting on proposed amendments take place at biennials and voted on ONLY by those who attend the biennial. This is an unfair practice as it includes only a minority of members in the vote. Sandy is asking that we vote no on that amendment change.

b. Please remember to vote in the National NLAPW elections. Ballots are available at www.nlapw.org and in The Pen Woman Magazine. (Webmistress note: The ballot is no longer on the national site.)

V. Emeritus status for Kriss

a. Everyone was given a copy of the completed nomination form. The form was completed by Ann and Beverly.

b. Ann explained what Emeritus status is, and that it is a Denver Branch honor, not a National honor. She then read the names of our seven current Emeritus members.

c. Beverly feels that Kriss is the most deserving person to hold Emeritus status; it is because of Kriss that the Denver Branch still exists.

d. All members present voted aye for Kriss to be given Emeritus status.

e. A letterhead will be made using our Denver Branch logo and a letter written to go to Kriss. Ann and Beverly will write the letter.

VI. NLAPW April 2018 Biennial: Sue suggested that we take donations to help Kelly attend the biennial. Everyone voted aye on giving her $300.00 from Denver Branch to help with hotel expenses and then everyone who wants to make a personal donation can send her a check to help with the other expenses.

VII. Poetry-to-Go: Ann shared the history of Poetry-to-Go and asked if we want to continue supporting it. She reminded us that in giving our monetary support, our name and logo will go on the posters that are hung inside the RTD buses. We have given $100 in the past. Kelly Ann will check to see when we last gave and let Ann know.

VIII. The meeting was adjourned at 11:33.

Speaker Laurie Marr Wasmund: Author of White Winter Trilogy which takes place during WWI. These historical fiction novels take place from 1917-1925 in Colorado and France. Laurie spoke on how she used public records to research her books. Has tried to base her characters on real people (two of which were her great uncle and grandfather). She shared excerpts from her book after sharing some of what she learned in her research. The entire presentation was a delightful lesson in Colorado and WWI history.

Author and historian Laure Marr Wasmund

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Ann Compton

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