January 6, 2018

National League of American Pen Women
Denver Branch

January 6, 2018

President Ruthy Wexler called the meeting to order at 10:10 am, at her home.

Present were Diane Chambers, Andrea Antico, Cathy Wield, Karen Gonzales, Carol Ehrlich, and a guest of Karen’s, Margaret Rundiks.

Ruthy opened the meeting by reading an inspirational piece by Shari Caudron about why we should write our stories. One reason she states is “When you tell another person your story, you are breaking down the artificial barrier that separates the “I” from the “you” and creating a sacred “we.” You are establishing a space where our common experiences connect us, instead of allowing the differences to divide. In this way, stories create understanding, teach us about our common humanity, and help us realize, on a visceral level, that we are not alone.”

Approval of Minutes and Treasurer’s Report:

Due to the absence of our Secretary and Treasurer, Kelly Ann Compton the approval of the December meeting minutes and the reading of the December Treasurer’s report are postponed until the next meeting.

Committee Reports:

Website: There was no report from our webmaster, Virginia Small.

Membership: Diane Chambers welcomed Cathy Weild as our newest member by presenting her with her NLAPW certificate and a rose. Andrea Antico reminded Cathy that our National organization has a book review committee and accepts books authored and submitted by members.

Diane said that our membership is growing due to members reaching out to friends and bringing them to our meetings as guests. The guests are becoming inspired by our group of ladies and are consequently, joining our branch. Diane congratulated the members on their efforts to bring new members and urged us all to continue doing so.

Tapestry: Ruthy showed us the photo of a panel of the Tapestry that is newly on display at a high school in Pueblo.

New Business:

Ruthy brought up the issue regarding our need to find a permanent or more consistent location for our meetings, instead of changing the location each time. There was discussion about reserving the Englewood Library and paying the $30 fee for the luxury of being able to block reserve a number of consecutive months. Others suggested we try contacting the Denver Public Library administration again about

securing a space on a no fee basis, as we are a book related non-profit organization. Ruthy said she will make some calls this week about this.

Ruthy said that now is the time we need to get busy working on the plans for our Guest Critique which is coming up in April. Virginia made the flyer last year and we should be able to use the same flyer this year, by making a few changes. Diane will contact Virginia about preparing a new flyer for us.

Announcements: Karen Gonzales is anxiously awaiting to hear the results of the Lee and Low writing competition for authors of color to which she submitted and entry.

Diane is also awaiting to hear results of the Vinnie Ream writing competition, to which she submitted an entry.

Diane urged all members to get our work out there and enter contests.

A suggestion for the February meeting is for us to bring our published books, homemade crafts, or other work of ours to “Show & Tell” before the business meeting.

Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 am. followed by a presentation by Hannah Schechter on her socratic.

Respectfully submitted by,

Diane Chambers

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