October, 2012

National League of American Pen Women–Denver Branch
Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2012

I. Diane Chambers called the meeting to order at 10:02 AM.
II. Members in attendance were: Andrea Antico, Diane Chambers, Kelly Ann Compton, Florence Elliott, Joice Fairchild, Jody Glittenberg, Pat Kennedy, A. Marie Kriss, Sue Luxa, Lorrie Reed, Sue Scudder, Virginia Small, Sheila Phelan Wright. Guests in attendance were: Carol Denker and E.J. Thornton.
III. Lorrie read an inspirational reading about how one’s attitude rules one’s life.
IV. The September Minutes were approved as written.
V. The September Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and approved. No activity took place during the month of September. Our current balance remains at $2,433.55.
VI. Committee Reports
A. Audit/Budget – The 2012-2013 budget cannot be finalized until our programs and meeting places are planned out for the year.
B. Directory/Membership – Kriss has sent the updated member directory to everyone via email. Everyone needs to look at her own information and let Kriss know if any corrections need to be made. Our Denver Branch currently has 14 Active members, 4 Associate members, 5 Provisional members, and 8 Emeritus members for a total of 31 members.
C. Programs –
1. November 3: We will meet at the LoDo Tattered Cover at 10:00 for a viewing and demonstration of their printing machine. We will then convene to McCormick’s Restaurant to meet with the Tattered Cover representative for a discussion of the printer and the printing services offered by Tattered Cover.
2. December 1: We will hold our annual book exchange at Gwen Scott’s home.
3. Other Programs:
a) January—Nancy Peterson on her new novel
b) February— TBA
c) March—Guest Critiques
d) April—Poetry by either Theodore Barrollo or Florence Elliott
e) May—Virginia
f) June—Planning Meeting
4. Kriss brought up the point that for the March Critique meeting we will need a space with room for two separate groups. We held it at Shirley Sheets home the past two years, but this may not be possible this time. Andrea suggested Eloise May Library on Florida and Parker. She will look into that for us.

D. Tapestry for Peace – Per several requests, Joice is working on a 5-minute You-Tube teaser of the DVD she is developing about the history of the tapestry.

VIII. Outreach Project Updates
A. Bessie’s Hope: No report
B. Place Bridge Academy: Andrea will be talking to Gwen and will contact Place to discuss volunteering there this year. The article about Andrea and Gwen’s work at Place Bridge Academy was published in the Spring 2012 Pen Women magazine.

IX. Old Business: None

X. New Business: None

XI. Branch Announcements:
A. Our next meeting will be held at the LoDo Tattered Cover and McCormick’s Restaurant. Please be at the Tattered Cover by 10:00. We will be viewing and learning about the printing services Tattered Cover offers.
B. Florence Elliott turns 90!!!!!! She will be hosting a birthday party at the Brown Palace. If you would like to know the details, please email or call Kelly Ann.
C. Members: Please email or call Kelly Ann as soon as possible if you would like to have your work critiqued at our December meeting. Both slots are open. (Note: There will be NO CRITIQUES at the November meeting.)

XII. The meeting was adjourned at 10:55.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Ann Compton

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