May, 2013

National League of American Pen Women–Denver Branch
Meeting Minutes
May 4, 2013

I. Diane Chambers called the meeting to order at 10:11 AM.
II. Discussion took place on the length of our business meetings and the time allotted to members’ critiques. It was agreed that 20 minutes is not long enough for a critique. A suggestion was made to begin the business meeting at 10:15 instead of 10:00. Diane suggested on meeting from 9:00 to 12:00 which would include critiques, the business meeting, and the program. Everyone agreed.
III. Members in attendance were: Andrea Antico, Sophia Baldwin, Diane Chambers, Kelly Ann Compton, Carol Denker, Florence Elliott, Pat Kennedy, Ann Klaiman, A. Marie Kriss, Sue Luxa, Kathryn Peterson, Lorrie Reed, Gwen Scott, Virginia Small, and Sheila Wright.
IV. Guests in attendance were: Vickie Drake, Donna Clark, and Nancy Malick. Carol Carter was present for the program following the meeting.
V. Inspirational Reading: Lorrie shared the adjectives that define Pen Women.
VI. The April Minutes were approved as written.
VII. The April Treasurer Report was accepted. Our current balance is $1,782.23. All annual dues have been paid except for 2 people; Kriss will be contacting them.
VIII. Committee Report: June 1 will be our planning meeting. Kelly Ann will double check with Shirley Sheets about holding that meeting at her house. It will be a potluck. (Information on what to bring will be emailed with the notice of meeting.) At the June meeting, we will discuss ideas for future programs. If you cannot come to the meeting, email your ideas to Andrea. We will meet at 11:00 for the meeting. We might be critiquing Erika Christensen’s previously submitted piece that day. If so, we will meet at 10:30. This, too, will be in the notice of meeting email.
VIII. Outreach Project Updates
A. Farmers‘ Market: Kriss shared that the Metro Denver Farmers’ Market does allow a one-time booth.
B. Artists’ Fairs: Pop-up tents were discussed. Because of all we sell, a 10‘ x 10’ tent is the right size. At this time, Ann is the only one to have a tent we may use on occasion. The possibility of purchasing a tent was discussed as was the costs of tent rental.
IX. Old Business:
A. Kriss had brought up he question of how many meetings should a guest be allowed to attend before becoming a member. It was agreed that we do need a policy. After some discussion, it was agreed by all that 3 meetings should be the limit.
B. Kriss shared that we need a policy for bestowing Emeritus status to members. National has an Honorary membership, but they still have to pay dues. We want to honor those members who have been longtime active members, but can no longer attend meetings or participate in activities. With this status, they would no longer pay dues. They would not be a member of National, just the Denver Branch. It was suggested that Emeritus status could be offered to Pen Women who have been members for at least 15 years. But what if a woman joined in her 60s? Nothing definite was decided other than: years of membership should be a factor; it should be a group decision; members could be nominated for Emeritus status or apply for said status.
C. Discussion about publishing a book by our members was held. Ann brought copies of our previous book, Collage, to hand out. Kriss wants to make sure that National and our archives have copies. Gwen said they do and that she has many copies. If we do a new book, costs need to be considered. Ann suggested doing the book as a PDF and people could print it for themselves and have it bound. Diane asked us if we would buy a book for ourselves if they cost about $20.00. It was also brought up that the internet is flooded with print-on-demand information.
X. New Business: There was no new business.
XI. Branch Announcements:
A. Sue announced the Castle Rock Writers’ Conference on November 23. It is a great conference. Kelly Ann will scan the flyer and will send it to everyone.
B. Nancy Peterson plans to attend the June meeting and will have copies of her book for sale at a special Pen Women only price of $16.00, so come cash in hand!
C. Reminder: Our June meeting will be a potluck and will be held at Shirley Sheets house. More information will be sent in a future email.
XII. The meeting was adjourned at 11:14.

After the meeting, Virginia Small gave an interesting presentation of her work and a book she is illustrating for Andrea Antico. It was fun to see Virginia’s creativity!

Respectively submitted,
Kelly Ann Compton, Secretary

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