February 2011


Feb. meeting at Gwen Scott’s home


President Diane Chambers CALLED THE MEETING TO ORDER at 10:00 a.m. We met at the home of Patricia Cox.

IN ATTENDANCE were: Diane Chambers, Kelly Ann Compton, Patricia Cox, Florence Elliott, Ann Klaiman, A. Marie Kriss, Sue Luxa, Paula Pahl, Nancy M. Peterson, Shirley Ann Sheets and Virginia Small.

Ann opened the meeting with an INSPIRATIONAL READING from Shields and Brooks (PBS News Hour). The January, 2011 minutes were approved as written. There was no treasurer’s report.

Committee Reports:
• Virginia is updating the website.
• From our last meeting, FOUR COMMUNITY PROJECTS were chosen: Bessie’s Hope, Bridge Academy, Poetry Club at Kendrick Lakes Elementary School, and the Conifair Artists’ Fair.

o BESSIE’S HOPE: At our February 5 meeting, discussions on branch projects for this year included one for Bessie’s Hope. Kriss gave an overview of Bessie’s Hope, formerly called Rainbow Bridge, founded and based in Denver. It’s the only organization in the world providing diverse multi-generational services for nursing home/assisted living residents, youth, families and businesses. BH’s goal is to enhance the quality of life for those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Statistically, 60% of them have NO visitors. For more details and the touching story of how BH was founded, see www.bessieshope.org. The role which our members can fulfill offers a couple of choices:
1. Conducting periodic group workshops on creative writing expression.
2. Working with seniors one-to-one to help them write letters, memoirs, etc.
Both activities would entail visits to the nursing or assisted living facilities. The BH staff can aid with scheduling and coordinating our efforts, and will provide us with on-site orientation. BH works with about 30 facilities in the metro area so, for those of us who’d prefer to work one-on-one, BH will identify facilities near our homes.
Eleven members were in attendance on February 5, but three of our members (Diane Chambers, Kelly Ann Compton, and Sue Luxa) have already volunteered and 2 others are considering it. We’d welcome more. The founders and staff at Bessie’s Hope are very excited about our involvement. There’s no NLAPW chair assigned yet for this project but, meanwhile, contact Kriss if you’re interested: (303) 433-5266 or amkriss@msn.com.

o POETRY CLUB at Kendrick Lakes Elementary School: Ten third and fourth grade students will be joining Florence for the first meeting on February 16th. If you are interested in joining this project, contact Florence Elliott. Kelly Ann Compton offered to bind books, if the students should put together a book as a final project.

o BRIDGE ACADEMY: Andrea and Diane met with Annette and Rhonda at Bridge Academy to determine how our branch might be of assistance. It just so happens that this year, the school’s focus is on writing. Most writing is done on Fridays between 8 and 11. Volunteers are needed to help one on one, with small groups, presenting published books, working with specific skills (vocabulary, editing, handwriting, etc.) There is a need in the classrooms for dictionaries, both picture and intermediate. If we make a donation, the school will purchase the books.

o ARTISTS’ FAIR: Diane shared information about the Conifair which will take place either at Beaver Ranch or Sutton Road. The fair will be on August 5th and 6th. It will cost $100 per day for booth space. The fair hours are 10:00-6:00. Ann has a tent we can use. We would not only have information regarding Pen Women at our booth, we would sell our own work with the intent to donate a certain portion to our Pen Women group. We would need at least two people staffing the booth at all times. Another option is “Market Days” which takes place once a month May through October. The group decided that, since this is our first foray into fairs, we should concentrate on the Conifair Artists Fair this year.

Old Business: Paula distributed business cards and bookmarks with our NLAPW logo on them that members may pass out.

New Business:
• Once the committees for our four community projects are determined, each committee needs to write a project proposal to be sent to National. Also, the committees will determine what, if any, monies will be needed for each project and come up with suggestions as to how to raise the funds.
• Diane shared information from National regarding the financial status of NLAPW. Since the new administration has taken over, problems with the National finances was discovered. Possible misuse of funds by the previous administration was discovered leading to a poor financial report. Since then, the accountant has been replaced and procedures have been changed to have more safeguards in place. The debit card was cancelled, and all outstanding bills have been paid.
• Other information Diane shared:
o Make use of the YouTube Channel. You can make up videos about our group or yourself.
o Also, April 4-8 Jack Pardue will head a Pastels Workshop entitled En Plien Air. Contact www.mlapw.org or www.parduestudio for more information.

• GUEST CRITIQUES take place at our next meeting. So far we have 3 definite presenters and 1 tentative presenter. [As of the publication of these minutes, we have 7 presenters.]. This event will take place at Shirley’s house. Please RSVP to Kriss about whether or not you will be attending. Kriss will be providing all the food. Members who come are asked to give $5.00 toward the food costs.
• Artist Embassy International—DANCING POETRY FESTIVAL CONTEST is September 4th. Contest deadline is May 15; the winning entries will be choreographed and shown on September 24th, 2011. For more information go to www.dancingpoetry.com or email dancingpoetry@aol.com.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:11 a.m.


After Patricia Cox shared her journey in the writing of her memoir, WE KEEP OUR POTATO CHIPS IN THE REFRIGERATOR, more discussion took place in regard to presentation ideas, particularly options for publishing. People expressed interested in having programs on Marketing, Self-Publishing, and having a “Show & Tell” of our own works.

Respectfully submitted by Kelly Ann Compton, Secretary


The March 5th meeting will be a GUEST CRITIQUE SESSION BEGINNING AT 9:30 A.M. AT SHIRLEY SHEET’S HOME. The monthly business meeting will be shortened (9:30 to 10 a.m.). Our guest writers will arrive at 10, and the critiquing session will run from 10:15 to 11:30 a.m. Lunch and social time will follow at 11:45. We have seven presenters.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Please RSVP to Kriss, so that she can best utilize members’ time for the critiquing session. Also, Kriss has arranged for lunch, rather than members providing pot luck dishes.


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  1. Thank you so much for sending the minutes, Kelly Ann! It’s a way I can still be a part of Denver Branch projects/special missions even a thousand miles away. I am so proud of you all for your active involvement in community affairs. Who better to exemplify the spirit of Pen Women?! with warm wishes for your continuing success, Jane Davis Carpenter