December 2012

National League of American Pen Women–Denver Branch
Meeting Minutes
December 1, 2012

I. Diane Chambers called the meeting to order at 10:35 AM.
II. Members in attendance were: Andrea Antico, Diane Chambers, Kelly Ann Compton, Florence Elliott, Joice Fairchild, Ann Klaiman, A. Marie Kriss, Sue Luxa, Mollie Rue, Gwen Scott, Sue Scudder, Virginia Small, Sheila Phelan Wright. Guests in attendance were: Carol Denker and Bev Chico.
III. Sue read the inspirational reading from Lorrie Reed which was a Christmas greeting.
IV. We honored Gwen Scott with a tribute to her 20+ years as our treasurer. She was made “Treasurer Emeritus.”
V. The October Minutes were approved as written. (Due to the November field trip to the LoDo Tattered Cover, there are no November minutes.)
VI. The October and November Treasurer’s Reports were reviewed and approved. A speaker fee was paid in October, no transactions took place in November. The current balance is $2,383.55. Kelly Ann also reported that she filed our 2010 non-profit tax return. It was discovered that the IRS has our fiscal year as ending in December rather than in April. This can be corrected by sending a letter with a correction. Kelly Ann will be taking care of this.
VII. Committee Reports
A. Audit/Budget – The updated/final budget presented by Kriss was approved.
B. Programs –
1. Andrea reported that we have rooms reserved at the Eloise May Library for our January through April meetings. As the time draws closer, she will also reserve a room for our May meeting.
2. Programs:
a) January—Nancy Peterson on her new novel
b) February— Ted Barillo (poet)
c) March—Guest Critiques
d) April— Florence Elliott on poetry
e) May—Virginia Small
f) June—Planning Meeting

VIII. Outreach Project Updates
A. Bessie’s Hope: Kelly Ann and Ann hope to start up again in January.
B. Place Bridge Academy: The school has not been in touch with either Andrea or Gwen, so they have not been involved there. Carol Denker met a tutor from Place who spoke about how they need tutors. This may be the direction to go.
C. Kriss offered to research other outreach opportunities if anyone was interested.
D. Diane asked for everyone to keep their eyes out for fairs we might participate in.

IX. Old Business: None

X. New Business:
A. No news yet from the Greenwich Branch on the poetry contest.
B. Diane shared two things she received from National. First, was a copy of the original membership certificate for what was then called the Colorado Branch. Second, the publicity department of National sent our branch two copies of a Lincoln anthology in honor of the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. Andrea will look into the possibility of donating one of the copies to the Eloise May library.

XI. Branch Announcements:
A. Mollie read aloud her story “Ponies In the Attic.” Very nice work, Mollie!
B. Kriss asked for input on the March Guest Critiques
Suggestions included:
1. Making sure we use a space that provides a sound barrier between groups
2. Have whole group critiques rather than two separate groups
3. Hold Guest Critique sessions in both fall and spring
4. Video our sessions so everyone can see the critiques of both groups
5. Have periodic open windows during our member critique times for guest critiques
We voted to keep the format as is for this year and look into possible changes next year.

XII. The meeting was adjourned at 11:55.

Carol and Mollie

Carol and Mollie

After the meeting, we enjoyed a potluck luncheon and our annual white elephant book exchange. Many thanks to Gwen Scott for hosting the event in her home.

Respectively submitted,
Kelly Ann Compton, Secretary


As mentioned in the minutes we took this day to have our annual holiday pot luck and book exchange. We also took this time to honor one of our most treasured members, Gwen Scott.

Beverly Chico and Gwen Scott

Beverly Chico and Gwen Scott

Gwen, who had a book published last year titled Blacks Through the “Ayes” of Our American Presidents,  has been with the Pen Women since 1988 and has been our treasurer for much of that time. She finally retired from the position last year.

Gwen is presented with red roses

Gwen is presented with red roses

Dorothy Donovan our historian, wrote a tribute to Gwen relating her personal knowledge of Gwen’s achievements.. President Diane Chambers presented Gwen with red roses.

Receiving gifts from the Pen Women

Receiving gifts from the Pen Women

Kelly Ann Compton made a one-of-a-kind journal and Virginia Small made a bookmark and card which the rest of the members signed.

Gwen thanked us and voiced her surprise. We just received a thank you card from her that was passed around through email.

Virginia Small

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