April 2011

APRIL 2011


President Diane Chambers called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m. We met at the home of Gwen Scott.

Members in attendance were: Diane Chambers, Ann Klaiman, Sue Luxa, Andrea Antico, Florence Elliott, Marie Kriss, Sheila Wright, Pat Kennedy, Virginia Small, Patricia Cox, Joice Fairchild, Gwen Scott, Kelly Ann Compton, Paula Pahl, and Lorrie Reed. Also in attendance, Guest Marleine Yanish.

Lorrie opened the meeting with a fun and inspirational reading about spring. Next, everyone introduced themselves and shared a little something about who they are.

The March 2011 minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:
• Gwen reported our current balance is $1,978.12. During this past month, we had an income of $60.00 and expenses of $73.06. Both the income and expense were related to the luncheon Kriss provided for us at the March meeting. The Treasurer’s Report was approved.
• Paula and Diane shared that our branch website has a yearly fee due that is not included in the budget; it needs to be. Initially, we purchased a 24-month plan that Paula paid for with her personal credit card. When our fee comes due, BlueHost will automatically attempt to put the payment on that card. It was determined that someone needs to contact BlueHost to find out how else we can pay for the service. Paula will try to contact them.
• National is in debt. Discussion took place asking what we can do to protect our group. Paula brought up the legal aspect that we ourselves are not a 501(c)3, we are under National’s nonprofit. If we choose to depart from the National League of American Pen Women, our money goes to National.

Committee Reports:
• Place Bridge Academy: Andrea reported that their biggest need is dictionaries and asked if our Denver Branch could give $100 or so. Gwen reminded us that we haven’t been paying monthly rental fees for a meeting place, so we do have some money. The group approved the $100. Individual donations are also welcome, just contact Andrea. When the dictionaries arrive, our NLAPW group would like to deliver them in person.

• Bessie’s Hope: Yesterday, Kriss, Ann, and Kelly Ann met with Darlene Stiny, Program Coordinator from Bessie’s Hope, for orientation on both the group (aka Community and Elders) and one-on-one (aka Family and Elders) opportunities. At this time, Kelly Ann will participate in both the individual and the group opportunities; Ann and Kriss are more interested in the groups. Since the group opportunity normally requires at least six volunteers to be present, we may do a variation whereby three NLAPW members at a time will run small workshops with the possibility of rotating among the various centers supported by Bessie’s Hope. Everyone who volunteers with Bessie’s Hope must go through orientation. Those who work one-on-one as a volunteer must allow a background check. This costs $10. Our first volunteer opportunity will most likely take place at St. Andrew’s Village off of I-225 and Yale.
• Artist’s Fair: Diane shared that the Conifair is now the Conifer Mountain Faire, held at Village at Aspen Park near Conifer. It will take place on August 6, from 11:00-8:00 and is one day only. A single 10’x10’ booth costs $100. Vendors keep all proceeds. Registration is due by July 1st. The group discussed that we may want two booth spaces so we have enough room for everything. Everyone is encouraged to be involved. Our booth will not only advertise National League of American Pen Women, but will offer anything creative our members want to sell, from writings to jewelry. All vendors are encouraged to help advertise the event. On Wednesday, April 6th, anyone interested in participating with the booth is invited to meet at Starbucks on 150 S. Union in Lakewood do discuss the details. A couple of questions to be discussed are: How do we pay for the booth space? And: What percent of our proceeds should we give to our Denver NLAPW Branch?

Old Business:
• Our May 7th meeting will take place at 10:00 am at the Fairmont Cemetery. Bring a sack lunch and $7.00 for the tour. Sue has been trying to contact our guide, but he has not been returning her calls. She will speak with the person in charge about this issue. People are encouraged to bring writing or art supplies to reflect the experience at one point during the tour.
• Joice spoke about the Tapestry for Peace. It was in Salida during September for Gandhi’s birthday. A permanent place for the tapestry is now being sought. Joice also shared that the frames for the tapestry panels disappeared/were stolen and PCV pipe was used to display the tapestry in Salida. The PCV eventually bent under the weight. It was suggested that one of the panels be brought to the June meeting so those who haven’t ever seen the tapestry could see it in person.
• The June meeting will be held at Patricia Cox’s house.
• Doris Osterwald’s 90th birthday party will be held April 3rd. All are invited to attend.

New Business:
• Diane shared that the 2012 Biennial for NLAPW will be held in Washington D.C. April 19-22, 2012. The event will hopefully be held at the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel. Since the Centennial Celebration of the Cherry Blossom Festival will be happening around the same time, Trish Wootten, the chair of the biennial, is gathering early information in order to hopefully get the best rates. Trish included a survey with her email to Diane, but we all agreed it was way too early to be able to make any decisions.
• Per National, Pen Women on all public information must be known as National League of American Pen Women.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:23


Following the meeting, Gwen Scott gave a presentation based on her book Blacks Through the Ayes of Our American Presidents: A Political Timeline. The group enjoyed Gwen’s interesting trivia quiz about the Presidents, which lead us into discussion of controversial issues. The session ended with numerous questions about the book’s content and Gwen’s publishing experience.

Respectfully submitted by Kelly Ann Compton, Secretary

SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2011, 10 a.m.

Member Sue Luxa has arranged for a docent-lead tour of Fairmount Cemetery, with an emphasis on history and statuary. Meet at 10 a.m. at the Gatelodge of the Alameda Ave. entrance. The tour will cost $7; if possible, please bring exact change or a check . Also bring a sack lunch. After the tour, about 11:30, we will return to the Gate Lodge, where we can eat our lunches and discuss the tour. After lunch, perhaps we can do some photographing, writing, drawing, and sharing based on our thoughts and observations— we’ll decide. Call Sue if you have questions about our fieldtrip.

    Driving directions to Fairmount Cemetery, 430 South Quebec Street

: From Monaco Parkway, turn east onto Alameda, go past Quebec; the next entrance is the Alameda entrance to the cemetery. Meet at the Gatelodge inside the gate, where there is also parking.

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