Mollie Rue 1945 – 2015

Mollie Rue

Remembering Mollie

Mollie’s obituary can be found on several places on the internet.

” I didn’t know Molly very well but through our association at Pen Women I had several conversations with her. One conversation I had with her was after our 19-year-old grand-daughter died. I mentioned to her that Lily, my granddaughter, had told me in a previous year that January 31st was National Bubble Wrap Day. And that, co-incidentally, was the day Lily died.

Molly suggested that I should write that in Lily’s memorial. Her saying this made me more able to feel like Lily was wrapped in the bubble of God’s love. I believe that Molly is wrapped in the bubble of God’s love, too.” ~ Donna Clark

” I remember Mollie. She was a lovely, gentle soul with a big heart. It saddened me to hear of her passing. The world has lost a beautiful energy that we need so much right now. I hope and trust she will be working from the other side to help us heal our planet.” In earnest love, Sue Scudder

” Molly had such a beautiful smile. What sticks with me is that smile and her abiding encouragement of others. Her loss will leave a hole in many lives.” ~ Pat Kennedy

” Indeed it is a terrible loss as Mollie Rue was one such sparkling member of Pen Women. I did not realize when I was judging the submitted unknown writers’ short stories for the Denver Woman’s Press Club that we Judges all agreed she was one of the winners. I’ll never forget her excitement upon receiving the award. May we all remember her as that gifted writer. Please carry my comforting thoughts to her husband and family.” All my best, Jody Glittenberg Hinrichs

” Molly was an editor of Progenitor, ACC’s literary/art magazine. She was so knowledgeable; I enjoyed talking with her about how the staff chose/edited literary works for publication. That issue was interesting reading and just beautifully done.” ~ Ann Kleiman

“I thought Molly was a very gifted writer and a very friendly and kind woman. I loved the fact that the book she brought to share [at the meeting where everyone was supposed to bring a book about writing that had helped them] was Alice in Wonderland/Alice Through the Looking Glass from her childhood.” ~ Kelly Ann Compton

“Mollie was definitely a talented and sweet soul whose spirit has touched all of us. I’m remembering writing pieces Molly has shared with us. I remember there being an undertone of what seemed like a search within herself about something, but the essay she read to us some months ago, I thought, ended more hopefully. It makes me realize the need to be more vigilant — sensitive at a deeper level to what people are revealing (or withholding) in what they say or write. Molly was in the hotel business (as I was) and I regret that we never got together as we periodically talked of doing.” ~ Marie Kriss

“I was always impressed with Mollie’s sensitivity. When she listened, she really listened. She seemed to have a sense for the beauty of life, be it in writing or poetry or beautiful scarves and hats and outfits she would wear. I was struck by this, that as beautiful as she always looked, it was never an ego kind of beauty; but rather, a contribution to the pleasure of others. This is a rare quality and one that strikes me deeply as I think about her. She had high hopes and ambitions not just for herself but for all of us women writers. I am remembering a piece she read aloud at our last Christmas book-swap party about a childhood memory. It was lovely and lyrical. Her soul was truly and exquisitely pure.” ~ Ruthy Wexler

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