October, 2014

National League of American Pen Women–Denver Branch
Meeting Minutes
October 4, 2014

I. Ruthy Wexler called the meeting to order at 9:58 a.m.

II. Members in attendance were: Andrea Antico, Sophia Baldwin, Eleanor Binnings, Diane Chambers, Donna Clark, Kelly Ann Compton, Ruthy Denker/Wexler, Florence Elliott, Pat Kennedy, Marie Kriss, Juanita Pope, Virginia Small, Kay Taylor, Sheila Phelan Wright.

III. Inspirational Reading: Juanita shared a quote from Dorothy L. Sayers on creating dialogue between characters.

IV. Introduction of guests: We again had the pleasure of having Lorraine Walker Williams here, a member of a Florida Branch of NLAPW.

V. The September Minutes were approved as written.

VI. The September Treasurer’s Report was accepted. Our current balance is $2,650.08.

VII. Committee Reports:

A. The Blog Project:

1. Members were encouraged to read the current blogs on the October theme of “Trick or Treat” and to write something for the blog. Our theme for November and December will be “The Magic of Cold.”

2. We need to advertise the blog so more than just our membership reads and comments on the entries. Someone suggested somehow attaching it to the National Blog. Virginia is looking for keywords we could use so Google searches will bring up our blog. It was suggested that we ask Kathryn Winograd about linking her students to us. Other suggestions: Denver Press Club; Lighthouse (Ruthy said she would call them). Perhaps we could offer cross promotion with these groups. Andrea suggested a link with the Arapahoe Public Libraries.

3. Do we want to look into holding a blogging contest for people outside of our Denver Branch?

4. The Blog Committee will meet to discuss all these thoughts in November.

B. Website: Virginia reports that the website is doing well at this time.

C. Membership, Auditor, Budget: We are waiting for Pat K’s certificate from National making her an Active Letters member.

D. Tapestry for Peace: Kriss passed around the article she has written for the Pen Woman magazine.

E. Programs: November’s meeting will take place at Eloise May Library with Steve Replin as our speaker. Mr. Replin is a copyright attorney.

1. On November 18, at 7:00 am, Andrea asks for volunteers to go online to reserve rooms for our meetings in January, February, and March. In March we will need two rooms (A & B or C & D) so we can hold our annual Guest Critique function.

2. Our December meeting will be our annual book exchange and pot luck at Gwen Scott’s house.

3. Beverly Chico’s sister from the Library of Congress will be our presenter in February.

4. If you have ideas for a speaker for January, please send your ideas to Andrea.

F. Outreach Projects: The Dakota Ridge Craft Fair takes place October 18 and 19.

VIII. Old Business: None

IX. New Business: Ruthy shared some information from National on promotional materials. We decided against the brochures as we have our own (and their’s cost $0.25 each). Members were reminded about the webinars provided by National.

X. Announcements:

1. October is Bullying Prevention Month. Andrea will be participating on a panel on bullying on the Aurora Channel 8.

2. In January, we will watch Andrea’s TV spot during one of our critique spots.

3. From Sheila Wright: As an ovarian cancer advocate, I recently had the opportunity to serve as a consumer reviewer to evaluate research applications submitted to the Ovarian Cancer Research Program (OCRP) sponsored by the Department of Defense. I was nominated by HERA Women’s Foundation. As a consumer reviewer, I was a full voting member, along with prominent scientists, at meetings to help determine how the $20 million appropriated by Congress for Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14) will be spent on future ovarian cancer research.

XI. The meeting was adjourned at 10:45.

After the meeting:

1. We voted to purchase a pack of notecards from National.

2. Ruthy announced the Jewish Literary Show. On October 26 there will be a one woman show about Miep Gies, the woman who hid Anne Frank’s family during WWII

3. The Chihuly show at the Botanic Gardens is not to be missed!

Following the business meeting, guest member Lorraine Walker Williams continued her presentation on her poetry journey. Thank you, Lorraine for your very touching poetry.