June 2010

JUNE 2010


THE MEETING WAS CALLED TO ORDER by President Diane Chambers at the home of member Shirley Sheets.

IN ATTENDANCE WERE Andrea Antico, Diane Chambers, Kelly Ann Compton, Florence Elliott, Nancy Hegan, Marie Kriss, Nancy Peterson, Lorrie Reed, Gwen Scott, Shirley Sheets, and Virginia Small.

Lorrie read an INSPIRATIONAL piece, MINUTES were approved, and Gwen reported a BALANCE of $2,273.32.

Kriss presented the 2010-2011 BUDGET. Discussion revolved around paying Paula Pahl for purchase of our digital projector, which was first used at the April meeting for cartoonist Ed Stein’s presentation. The group agreed that the projector will be valuable for use at future meetings. A motion passed to purchase it from Paula in several installments over time. Establishing a schedule for accomplishing this was tabled for future discussion.

The branch’s current MEETING PLACE, The Virginia Village Branch Library (DPL) will be closed for renovation in September, so we cannot renew our contract with them. A committee (Shirley Sheets, Nancy Hegan, Lorrie Reed) will investigate other meeting places, including the Bear Valley Branch (our former meeting place). On September 4th, member Kelly Compton will host our monthly meeting at her home. A vote approved that date, despite the fact that it’s on Labor Day weekend. The group considered having meetings at members’ homes to cut costs and meet our budget. This would be one way.

There was discussion and agreement to have e-mail buddies to call and announce events to MEMBERS WITHOUT E-MAIL or limited e-mail.

Diane announced that Beverly Chico can’t make SATURDAY MEETINGS, due to her college teaching schedule, and regrets that she may not continue her membership.

The group brainstormed a long list for next year’s speakers and discussed the overall PROGRAM FOR NEXT YEAR. Kriss said an “OLLIE-shared” program is a possibility for one meeting. She added that the board of the Academy for Lifelong Learning has opted to end their partnership with us. Andrea Antico, Nancy Peterson, and Nancy Hegan will act as our programming committee. Member Virginia Small will present in September, and Caroline Stutson has been booked for October. Please phone or e-mail any of the programming committee members with suggestions for speakers or programs.

The meeting adjourned in order to enjoy a potluck luncheon on Shirley’s sunny deck. Members wore hats, a tradition begun by member Phyllis Brees Eberhard.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy Hegan, Co-Secretary


1. The Denver Branch does NOT MEET IN JULY OR AUGUST.

2. Help Sandy Chapman assemble our 2010-2011 MEMBERS’ DIRECTORY. She has from Kriss the information for our new members, but the rest of us need to help Sandy verify contact information. Please phone or e-mail your current contact information (name, address, phone(s), e-mail, websites) to her now.

3. Don’t forget that every Denver Branch member has a page on this website! Send your kudos, writings, artworks, photos, and other items to Virginia or Paula for uploading. MAKE YOUR PAGE A PERSONAL STATEMENT.

4. About our October speaker, Nancy Hegan commented, “Caroline Stutson says she has rhyming disease, not contagious, but difficult to cure. Her books for children include the titles: Cat’s Night Out and Pirate Pup. You can check out her website, which is extremely colorful and interesting.”

5. From Ann Klaiman: “This is my final newsletter. In my four-year term, it has been rewarding to be involved with changing the newsletter from a printed-and-mailed document to an e-mailed document and, now, to a posted document on this website. AIN’T TECHNOLOGY WONDERFUL? Thanks to my co-secretary, Nancy Hegan; former secretary Nancy Peterson; and our webmistress, Virginia Small.”
Ann Klaiman, Newsletter Editor