January 2013

National League of American Pen Women–Denver Branch
Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2013

I. Diane Chambers called the meeting to order at 9:58 AM.
II. Members in attendance were: Diane Chambers, Erika Christiansen, Kelly Ann Compton, Carol Denker (member applicant), Florence Elliott, Joice Fairchild, Ann Klaiman, A. Marie Kriss, Nancy Peterson, and Sue Scudder. Guest in attendance: Beth Schutt.
III. Kelly Ann read the humorous inspirational reading from Lorrie Reed entitled “The New Year Seven Point Anti-Aging Formula.”
IV. The December Minutes were approved as written.
V. The December Treasurer report was approved. Our current balance is $2991.55.
VI. Committee Report on the Tapestry for Peace: Joice is moving, so a new place to store the tapestry is needed. Joice plans to purchase flat boxes for storage. A great deal of discussion took place regarding the future of the Tapestry for Peace. Kriss suggested looking toward National to make the tapestry a project for all chapters of Pen Women. Sue suggested putting a video on YouTube about it. Joice will look into these ideas. (Any members having an available space to store the tapestry, please contact Joice, Diane or Kelly Ann.)
VIII. Outreach Project Updates: No reports. Everyone is asked to keep eyes open for artist fairs we can participate in. Diane and Kelly Ann shared that they are not sure if the Woodland Park fair is going to happen again this summer. Erika suggested having a “Poetry On the Spot” activity at fairs. Kriss will check our the Cherry Creek Farmers’ Market. It was agreed upon that we should look into other farmers’ markets as well.
IX. Kriss reported on membership. Erika Christiansen has become our first student member and Carol Denker has applied for active membership. Maggie Pike has requested membership information.
IX. Old Business: Discussion took place about what we should do with our two copies of the Lincoln anthology Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln and whether we should give money to the NLAPW Publications Committee for them. Carol Denker volunteered to talk with Eloise May Library about the possibility of getting one copy on their shelves. We are going to circulate the books among members before making any definite plans for the books. It was decided that we would give $50 to NLAPW Publications Committee for the books.
X. New Business: None
XI. Branch Announcements: Florence Elliott shared a story about receiving white teapot with a book written by George Eliot that contained a picture of Florence, Italy. She was destined to receive them!
XII. The meeting was adjourned at 10:54.

Following the meeting, member Nancy Peterson gave a presentation on her soon to be published historical novel that takes place during WWII. It was a marvelous presentation and the excerpts Nancy shared from her book made everyone want to read it. Congratulations, Nancy!

Respectively submitted,
Kelly Ann Compton, Secretary