December 2011

NLAPW Denver Branch 12/4/11 Minutes

Members arriving

I. President Diane Chambers, called the meeting to order at 11:13.

II. Members in attendance were: Andrea Antico, Diane Chambers, Kelly Ann Compton, Florence Elliott, Joice Fairchild, Pat Kennedy, Ann Klaiman, Sue Luxa, Nancy Peterson, Lorrie Reed, Jane Binns, Gwen Scott, Shirley Ann Sheets, Virginia Small and Sheila Wright.

Catching up

III. Introductions were made to Beverly Chico, a previous long-time member, who was in attendance as a guest.

IV. Lorrie Reed read and inspirational reading entitled “Holiday Recipe.”

V. The November 2011 minutes were approved as written.

VI. Treasurer Gwen Scott reported “no action” in our account for both October and November. Our balance is $1941.95

VII. Committee Reports:
• Tapestry for Peace–Joice reported that Mile High Church said to wait until after the holidays to talk with them about displaying the tapestry, but did suggest that Joice write up something to explain the tapestry. She ended up writing an article for SCIENCE OF MIND MAGAZINE. Joice and a friend will pick up the remaining panel from Florida in January. Members from the Florida branch will be interviewed about their experience with the tapestry. Four-foot by five-foot boxes are needed both to transport the tapestry and to keep it safe and undamaged.

Book exchange

•Publicity–Sue put an “ad” in the Denver “Your Hub” about our Pen Women branch. It should be in the December 8th issue.

VIII. Outreach
•Bessie’s Hope: Kelly and Sue reported that there was a mix-up in regard to the November outreach, so the writing group did not take place. Plans for the December group have been finalized for December 9th at 10:00 AM in the assisted living building at St. Andrews Village.

•Place Bridge Academy: Andrea contacted Place and the school does want our Pen Women volunteers back. Andrea and Gwen will begin working with the school students and staff again in January. Other Pen Women members are more than welcome.

•Holiday Bazaar in Conifer: Due to the snowstorm, only Diane attended the Holiday Bazaar. She had an exciting day selling six of her books!

IX. No old business.

X. New Business:
• Diane reviewed some information on National from The Pen Women magazine. One item informed the group that the National financial statements were in posted. Diane suggested that we should compose a write-up about one of our members for the magazine.

Good stories and good times

• Information regarding the Lakewood Historical Society, Inc. Essay Contest was passed around. The entry deadline is May 15, 2012. For more information, their website address is:

XI. Announcements:
• Our January 7th meeting will be held at Kelly Compton’s house. The meeting will be followed
by a finger-food potluck.

• Our February speaker will be Nancy Peterson. She will share information on doing research.

• A suggestion was made that we plan a field trip to the Denver Public Library Western

• Virginia shared a bittersweet event in her life. Her best friend passed away from an aneurism
recently leaving Virginia her entire arts and crafts collection.

• Sue and Virginia will be co-historians. Sue will take care of the scrapbook and Virginia will be
the photographer.

• Diane will become a grandma in June!

XII. The meeting was adjourned at 11:45.

The meeting was followed by our annual book exchange and luncheon. A delightful time was had by all.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Ann Compton, Secretary.

Sporting a new tattoo