May 6, 2017

National League of American Pen Women
Denver Branch
May 6, 2017 Minutes

On May 6, 2017, the Denver Branch of NLAPW met and had an unexpectedly interesting session.

We did not have a business meeting as only three members were present: Ruthy Wexler, Andrea Antico, Donna Clark. Also present were guest presenters from the month before, our April Guest Critique: Cathy Weild, Hannah Schechter; Also present was Carol Ehrlich, who attended the Guest Critique, although she signed up too late to be one of the presenters. Carol wanted to get feedback on her poetry and also expressed an interest in attending a Pen Women meeting, so she showed up with her poetry. 
Carol Ehrlich read several poems and everyone present gave her feedback, encouragement and critique. Carol’s poems were exciting to hear and think about.
Then everyone present took part in an activity: Your Creative Journey. 
Ruthy Wexler handed out art supplies–large pieces of paper, crayons, craypas, magic markers, etc–and encouraged everyone present to think of their creative journey: how it began, what feeds it, what stopped it, where it is going now.
The resulting drawings promoted lively and insightful discussions. 

Respectfully submitted by
Ruthy Wexler, President