July 8, 2017

National League of American Pen Women

Denver Branch

July 8, 2017

I. Ruthy called the meeting to order at 9:54

II. Inspirational Reading: Ruthy read several interesting tidbits for inspiration. One was about being patient to all that is unresolved, one was from Mr. Rodgers, and the third one was from The War of Art on the professional creative person and how resistance/fear of failure hurts us and how we should not let it defeat us.

III. Members in Attendance: Virginia Small, Andrea Antico, Diane Chambers, Ruthy Wexler, Kelly Ann Compton, Beverly Chico

IV. Guests in attendance: Barbara Dunton

V. Introductions of members and guest

VI. March, April and May Minutes were approved; June minutes have one typo

VII. Treasurer’s Reports:

VIII. Committee Reports:

a. Tapestry for Peace: Ruthy shared a brief history of the Tapestry and the contest. A school in NY submitted a peace project and was awarded with one of the sections of the tapestry. Ruthy will write an article for Pen Woman Magazine and the Denver Post. Andrea suggested that we send out a blurb to schools sharing what the school in NY did for their peace project as an example. We are also considering offering the “contest” to pubic schools, too.

b. Website: Virginia reported that the website is going well. Diane shared that she sent Virginia an e-mail listing the chairperson changes for our Denver Branch.

c. Membership: Diane is acting as interim membership chair. She has contacted all of the presenters from April’s Guest Critique and several are interested in joining. Diane has invited  them all to come to a few meetings as guests.

IX. Outreach Project Updates: Ruthy sees a new energy happening with spreading the news about the Tapestry for Peace and developing peace projects. Shelley Harding is working on a letter for that.

X. Old Business: Many of the suggestions for speakers made in June are coming to fruition. Author Sandra Windsor will be our speaker in August. Questions we would like answered: How do you write about someone without their permission. At what point does a memoir turn into fiction? The difference between writing non fiction and fiction, how to approach both genres. Ann Sieben will be our speaker in October: A modern day pilgrim who travels alone and leads pilgrimages.

XI. New Business:

XII. Announcements:

a. Kelly Ann has been invited to be on a panel at the 2018 NLAPW Biennial next April. She will be speaking on her use of creativity throughout her journey with mental illness.

b. Ruthy has been made a permanent staff member (“neighborhood reporter”) of the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Ann Compton, Secretary