April 8, 2017

National League of American Pen Women
Denver Branch

April 8, 2017 Minutes


I. Ruthy called everyone together at 9:45 am. She shared a bit about NLAPW and our Denver Branch. Ruthy then explained how the critique session would be handled.
II. Members in Attendance: Beverly Chico, Donna Clark, Kelly Ann Compton, Ruthy Wexler, Shelley Harding, Nancy Peterson, Virginia Small.
III. Guests Presenters in Attendance: Jamie Mayer, Joe Masi, Hannah Schechter, Frances Rossi, Cathy Wield, Karen Gonzales, Giulia Rossi, Anna Twombly-Barrow.
IV. Other Guests: Kimberly Hamelin, Carol Erlich, Pat Kimmel, Liz Begalla, Olive Knight, Mary Marcus.
V. This year’s Guest Critique was filled with interesting people and interesting writers. Everything from fiction to poetry to memoir was shared. We held four critiques before and four after our boxed lunch. Ruthy was the moderator, Virginia was the timekeeper, and Kelly Ann kept track of whose turn it was to offer up commentaries on the various pieces of writing. The day was filled with enthusiasm, high spirits, solid critiques and fabulous writing.

VI. At 1:45, Ruthy gave closing remarks and the Guest Critique session was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by
Kelly Ann Compton, Secretary