December 2, 2017

National League of American Pen Women, Denver Branch

December 2, 2017

I. Ruthy called the meeting to order at 10:46.

II. Members in Attendance: Andrea Antico, Cathy Wield, Diane Chambers, Ann Klaiman, Shelley Harding, Ruthy Wexler, Donna Clark, Kimberly Hamelin, Kay Taylor, Virginia Small, Sue Luxa, Kelly Ann Compton.

III. Guest in Attendance: Carol Ehrlich

IV. Inspirational Readings: Ruthy read a few quotes from Ann LaMott. Here is an example: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, even you.”

V. Introductions: Everyone introduced herself to the group.

VI. Approval of Minutes: The October and November minutes were approved.

VII. Treasurer’s Report: Approved

VIII. Committee Reports

a. Membership: Cathy’s certificate is on its way, Diane thanked everyone for encouraging guests to attend, and thank you to Virginia because the Denver Pen Woman website is also bringing guests in; The guest critiques — all these things have brought in new members. We’ve had four women apply for membership in the last couple of months.

b. Website: No report. It is going well

c. Tapestry for Peace: Ruthy reported, it is moving slowly, Denver Post is interested in an article once we have a few Colorado Schools. After we have placed a few more panels, we need to write up an article for Pen Woman Magazine.

IX. Old Business: Andrea offered a coffee pot; Andrea— Englewood Library said no to allowing us to meet for free, or be a sponsor for us; She has e-mailed DPL; Cathy will see if any community rooms are available at Windsor Gardens;

X. New Business:

a. Denver Branch Directory: Kelly Ann is updating it.

b. NLAPW Election: Elections for officers, both local and national, will be held early in 2018.

c. Kimberly: Shared what she has been doing in regard to searching for Grants. There are possible grants that maybe our branch could do AND for National. Ideas: Start a contest for writing or art and use the grant for the contest. Ann will look to see if our 501-C3 is still valid. Kimberly said that if anyone has any ideas about what types of grants she should look for to give them to her. Carol E. suggested that perhaps we could get a grant so we could sponsor people entering contests. Diane— “What I heard Virginia Campbell say is we do not have enough money to sustain NLAPW going.” Virginia Small questioned—“If our group has a 501-C3 status, why can’t we use that and break away from National?” Diane responded to this with examples of how being a member of NLAPW has helped her in various ways.

d. Sales Tax Renewal: Do not renew at this time.

XI. Branch Announcements: Virginia— Florence is now 95, Perhaps send her a card. Ruthy suggested Virginia take some pictures of us and she will make a card to send to Florence to let her know we are thinking of her.

XII. The meeting was adjourned at 11:48

After the business meeting, we enjoyed a delicious potluck luncheon and our annual white elephant book exchange.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Ann Compton, Secretary

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