September, 2011

Pen Woman meeting surrounded by the Peace Quilt.

Denver NLAPW Meeting Minutes 9/3/2011

President Diane Chambers called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.  We met at Joice Fairchild’s house.

Members in attendance were: Pat Kennedy, Kelly Ann Compton, Joice Fairchild,Virginia Small,  Gwen Scott, Andrea Antico, Diane Chambers and Sheila Wright.

There was no inspirational reading, however, we all agreed that Pat Kennedy’s story, which we had just critiqued, was very inspirational. Also, a group of children had viewed the Tapestry for Peace and they observed that our Denver Branch panel was the best. (On a side note, Lorrie Reed will need rides to our monthly meetings.)

Everyone introduced themselves to our guest, Jane Binns who has applied for associate membership. Welcome, Jane!

The minutes from our June, 2011 meeting needed correction in its reporting of the Treasurer’s Report. The June balance should have read @ $2,287.13 and NOT $2,287.17. The minutes were then approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: Diane read over the Treasurers Report and made one correction in regard to the location of Market Dayz which should have read: Conifer Community Park at Beaver Ranch. Our income since June 4th, 2011 totals $185 from seller fees for Market Dayz, and our total expenses from that date total $608.93 for paying off our projector and webite, the banner and the Market Dayz booth fee. Our balance as of  9/3/11 was $1,863.20.

Committee Reports:

  • Membership: Dorothy Donovan will continue her membership, but will not be able to attend most meetings.
  • Our Denver Branch is looking for a new historian, a new treasurer and someone to be in charge of hospitality.
  • Budget & FInancials: Our final approved budget for income is $1,615, and our actual year to date income is $1,520.01.  For expenses, our final approved budget is $2,080.00 and our actual year-to-date is $1538.93. Per Kriss’ note on the projected budget: We expect to end the year $465 less than we had at the beginning of this branch year on May 1st.

Project Updates:

  • Bessie’s Hope: Kelly reported that she has not been in contact with Bessie’s Hope this summer, but will do so this month. She also mentioned that to do the group activities, there needs to be at least three Pen Women volunteers each gathering. Kelly is hoping to work one-on-one with someone. (Our work with Bessie’s hope is working with the elderly with any writing needs and with creative writing.)
  • Bridge Place Academy: Andrea and Gwen will be starting up again this month. They suggested putting their write-ups about what they have done on our website. (Reminder:BridgePlaceAcademy is a school made up mostly of refugee children who do not speak English. Andrea and Gwen have been helping the children with writing skills. Also, our branch donated dictionaries to the school.)
  • Market Dayz: Joice reported that it was a great day even with no sales. Viriginia will post a photo essay of our day (see August, 2011). Everyone agreed that we learned a lot and enjoyed the day. Discussion and voting was held on whether to participate in Conifers arts and crafts sale on December 3rd. We voted to participate in the December 3rd arts and crafts sale; we also voted to hold our December Pen Women Party on December 4th. (More information to come)

Old Business:  No old business was discussed

New Business: Diane shared that our National President is now Sharyn Bowman Greberman after Jean Holmes resigned due to health concerns. Diane also reminded us of the 2012 Biennial Convention.

Announcements: Our October 1st  meeting will be held at Kelly Ann’s house. Bring your own sack lunch. Kelly Ann will be providing hot spiced cider and pumpkin bread pudding. We will also renew a critique of Jane Binn’s previous offering after the meeting’s presenter is finished.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45

Following the meeting, everyone wandered through Joice’s house viewing the many tapestry panels.

Respectfully submitted by Kelly Ann Compton, Secretary