October 2009

Newsletter of the Denver Branch
National League of American Pen Women
• The November 7th meeting promises to be unique and interesting. See the Membership Report, below.
• Denver Branch has a new logo! Details below.

IN ATTENDANCE were Jane Carpenter, Sandy Chapman, Florence Elliott, Nancy Hegan, Linda Ohlson Graham, Marie Kriss, Doris Osterwald, Lorrie Reed, Gwen Scott, and Virginia Small.

As Vice-President, LINDA CALLED THE MEETING TO ORDER at 12:45 p.m. at Virginia Village Branch Library. Lorrie read AN INSPIRATIONAL POEM by Ralph Waldo Emerson. September MINUTES WERE APPROVED as posted. GWEN AS TREASURER reported a balance of $2,517.88 as of today. Report approved.

IN THE MEMBERSHIP REPORT, Kriss announced that we have eight guest presenters, from Academy of Lifelong Learning and OLLIE, confirmed for our November 7th critiquing session. Kriss will accept two more as alternates. A list of these authors’ topics will be e-mailed as the date gets closer. The plan is to break into two critiquing groups for which we are able to divide the meeting room. Jane and Diane Chambers will be facilitators. Diane is no longer a member, but has agreed to serve as a guest facilitator. Kriss emphasized the need to have enough critics for two groups, so plan to come in November! Twenty minutes has been planned for each presenter’s reading and a group critique. The meeting will end with refreshments and social time at the library, which extends our meeting time until 3:30. Kriss noted that National is interested in the progress of our membership efforts.

Members enthusiastically voted for the ADOPTION OF A NEW BRANCH LOGO, presented and designed by Virginia. Described by members as “adorable and lively,” it features an owl on a branch decorated with columbines and holding beneath her wing the signature pen, pencil and brush. [See News and Notes, below, for directions to view the new logo on this website. –Ed.] Virginia added that the website needs another person besides herself and Paula as co-hosts. It was agreed that the new look of the website is wonderful. Virginia has been encouraged to enter the new logo, sans columbines, in National’s contest.

Sandy says HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. LINCOLN, an NLAPW publication which she coedited, has won the George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge. Congrats!

A proposed AMENDMENT TO NATIONAL’S BYLAWS will be voted on at the April Biennial. The amendment creates the option for the board to hire an executive director who would be “a salaried, nonvoting administrator of the National League of American Pen Women and the corporate secretary. …” This would be the first salaried position in NLAPW. Our branch approved submitting a vote of support for this measure. Eighteen branches have already voted support, which is the number needed for the amendment to be brought before the membership.

Meeting adjourned at 1:40 P.M.
Respectfully submitted, Nancy Hegan, Co-Secretary.


Sandy Chapman’s presentation of her photos of India and Pakistan were studies of the people, the country and the customs. Her narrative comments described a number of humorous situations in which she found herself as a result of these customs. Some of these situations occurred because Sandy was traveling with a group of young, good-looking teachers when these pictures were taken. Unfortunately we missed the intensity of many scenic shots because it was impossible to darken the room (in the library) sufficiently. Some slides were reduced to ghostly images. She ably immersed us, however, in her
travel adventures and humanitarian concerns.


1. On Sunday afternoon, September 20th, the Poetry Society of Colorado celebrated the 2009 winners of POETRY TO GO with a reception and poetry reading at Arvada Covenant Church Fellowship Hall. Of the 32 winners and over a dozen honorable mentions awarded for 2009, more than 15 winners came, or sent someone to pick up their bus placards. Four of the honorable mentions came to receive certificates for their work. 67 people attended, and all 32 winning poems were read, either by the poet or a PSC member. “The teenage winners/honorable mentions were beaming and parents took lots of pix,” said one PTG committee member.

2. To VIEW OUR NEW OWL LOGO on this website, follow these steps:
• First, in the left-hand column, scroll down and, just below the listing of members, choose “News and Announcements.” Up will come an item entitled “New Logo.”
• Second, at the bottom of the paragraph describing the logo, look for green/underlined type that says “Continue reading about new logo.” Voila! up will pop our new owl! Thanks for the upload, Virginia!
• Problems? Contact Ann.
3. Does anyone have the urge to GIVE OUR NEW OWL A NAME? Perhaps we can come up with a good one at our December meeting or send suggestions to Ann.
4. Other items to NOTE ON OUR WEBSITE:
• The front page has changed; it now gives basic information about the Denver Branch. If you scroll down, there’s a listing of branch officers/committee chairs, nicely done by Virginia. Thanks!
• To view our calendar, go to the left-hand column and choose the second item, “Calendar of events.” Up pops October. If you place your cursor (arrow or hand) over “Branch Meeting” on October 3rd, up comes a yellow window with the time, place, and speaker given. To view November, look to the left of “October 2009” and see the word “Next” in green, underlined. Click on “Next” to see November.


The November meeting will be SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2009 at Virginia Village Branch of the Denver Public Library located at 1500 SOUTH DAHLIA STREET. It is at the corner of S. Dahlia and E. Florida Ave. Dahlia is eight blocks east of Colorado Blvd., and the meeting will be from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Marie Kriss, Jane Carpenter, and Diane Chambers will coordinate a critiquing session of works by guest authors. The session will conclude with refreshments and socializing at the library. YOUR HELP as a critic will be much appreciated! See the Membership Report (in October Minutes, above) for more details.

Respectfully submitted, Ann Klaiman, Newsletter Editor