June, 2015

National League of American Pen Women–Denver Branch

Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2015

I. Ruthy Wexler called the meeting to order at 10:55 a.m.

II. Members in attendance were: Juliana Adams, Sophia Baldwin, Diane Chambers, Beverly Chico, Donna Clark, Kelly Ann Compton, Ruthy Wexler, Florence Elliott, Pat Kennedy, A. Marie Kriss, Nancy Peterson, Juanita Pope, Gwen Scott, Virginia Small, Kay Taylor, Kathleen Visovatti.

III. Guests in attendance were: Lorraine Walker Williams (from Florida branch), and Marsha Perlman.

IV. Introduction of Guest Marsha Perlman who was a member in Florida and now lives in Colorado.

V. Inspirational Reading:

A. Juanita read from By the Grace of God written by Dr. Marie Greenwood who wrote this book when she was 100 years old. The segment read was “A few of my basic philosophies.”

B. Kriss read a poem by Phyllis Eberhart called “Inheritance.” Phyllis was a member of the Denver Branch of NLAPW and we wear hats at our June planning meeting to honor her.

VI. The May Minutes were approved as written.

VII. The May Treasurer Report was approved. With receipt of annual dues and the dues payment to National, our current balance is $2,631.09.

VIII. Emeritus: Long time member Gwen Scott was honored with emeritus status in our Denver Branch. Congratulations, Gwen!

Gwen Scott Emeritus

Gwen Scott Emeritus

A. List of Emeritus Members as of June 1, 2015: Jane Davis Carpenter, Letters Active, joined 1990; Dorothy Donovan, Letters Active, Joined 1993; Margaret (Maggie) Rowlett, Letters Active and Art Active, joined 1980; Gwendolyn Scott, Letters Active, Joined 1988; Shirley Ann Sheets, Letters Active, joined 1983; Patricia Wilcox, Letters Active, Joined 1992.

IX. Committee Reports:

A. The Blog Project: While everyone was reminded about our current theme of “What gives you a belly laugh,” it was decided to table the blog until September 2015. A great deal of discussion took place about how to get readers outside of our own members. We need to let people know of the blog and can start by inviting our friends to read and respond to the various blog entries. It was suggested that if we begin the blog again in September, our first theme be friendship. Juliana suggested doing short videos or documentaries for the blog.

B. Website: No report.

C. Membership: Certificates from National have arrived for new members Anne Gross and Kathleen Visovatti. Alana Story has joined as a Provisional member.

D. Tapestry: Kriss reported that a Pen Woman in Indiana has contacts with people in the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and is very excited about the possibility of the Tapestry for Peace to find a home there. A list of the various ways the Tapestry could be displayed and used with children was developed by Kriss to be given to people of the museum.

E. Programs: The July meeting will take place at either Kelly Ann’s house or Eloise May Library. There will be no business meeting. Instead, members are to bring something they are working on for a Round Table discussion or critique. So far, we have no program planned for our August meeting.

F. Outreach Projects:

1.We all agreed that this is something we need to think seriously on. What do we as a group or individuals within the group want to do for outreach?

2.Kriss made a suggestion that would be a win-win. She suggested that we reach out to the “closet” writers, artists and composers.

3. Sophia shared that the Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover has moved to Aspen Grove and that they will allow authors to give presentations of their works.

4. It was decided during the planning portion of today’s meeting that we discuss outreach at our August meeting.

X. Old Business: We will have a joint meeting with the Pikes Peak Branch on September 18. The event will take place somewhere in Castle Rock, details to come.

XI. New Business: Kelly Ann shared the information she got via a conference call about the Pen Women Press.

XII. Announcements:

A. Sophia has entered the Vinnie Ream competition held by the National League of American Pen Women.

B. Nancy will celebrate her 60th wedding anniversary in Tennessee. A few women shared their secret to a long marriage. Nancy: Patience; Pat: Respect and laughter; Gwen: Perseverance.

C. Beverly did a presentation on hats in children’s literature in Houston.

D. Florence’s great granddaughter won a beauty contest and wrote a poem that will be included in an anthology.

XIII. The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

After the meeting, we enjoyed a delicious pot luck lunch and then went into planning mode to plan for the next year. Notes from that discussion follow these minutes.

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Ann Compton, Secretary

Annual planning meeting and hat day

Annual planning meeting and hat day


1. Kriss will contact Lyly Do, a Vietnamese woman who currently lives in the US, about possibly speaking in August. Lyly Do was rescued from Viet Nam on April 29, 1975, the day North Viet Nam tried to take over South Viet Nam. Ms. Do has set up a foundation for those who were affected by agent orange.

2. Our September meeting will take place on September 18 and will be a joint meeting with the Pikes Peak Branch. We will meet in Castle Rock.

3. October’s presentation will be a hands-on experience to help us use social media.

4. In November, our speaker will be Carol Shoemaker.

5. December will be our annual pot luck and white elephant book exchange. It will be held at Gwen Scott’s home.

6. We will hold our Guest Critique session in March.

7. January, February and April are still open.

8. It was suggested that we ask either Judith Briles (Juliana can contact her) or Polly Latofsky to talk about the publishing process.

9. A great deal of interest was shown in holding a discussion on children’s books and how they have changed.

10. Another thought about children’s books was to hold a panel discussion on children’s literature with the panel having a publisher, teacher, seller, writer and illustrator on it.

11. Joanne Greenberg’s name came up as a possible speaker. She is author of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.

12. Another idea is to hold an “Art Jam” whereby everyone paints something. Suggested leaders for this type of event are: Virginia Small, Ruthy Wexler, Diane Chamber’s daughter-in-law, or someone from the Pikes Peak Branch.

13. Beverly suggested the Crypto-Jews (“the hidden Jews”) as an interesting topic for one of our meetings. She knows the editor of “Halipid,” the society’s journal.

14. “See Yourself Workshop” (This may have been a variation on the “Art Jam.”)