Sandy Chapman


Past Offices Held with Denver Branch: President 2002-2004. Past Offices Held with National: Editor, The Pen Woman (magazine) 2003-2006. Past Work Published/Exhibited/Performed: Editor, The Dolphin’s Dream; Centennial, WY: 1976-1996 (nonfiction); Eastern Colorado Plainsman (weekly newspaper); and A Delicate Balance (book). Professional Memberships: The Tapestry for Peace, Inc., Board Member.  Interests/Hobbies: Drumming, photography, travel, the paranormal. Work in Progress: Co-authoring Writing American Romance (novel). Recognitions/Awards: The Pen Woman; Poetry Society of Colorado (various years); National Writers Association (various years); various magazine competitions; 2003 & 2004: West Side Books. Professional Memberships: Poetry Society of Colorado; National Writers Association; Phi Beta Kappa. Interests/Hobbies: Calligraphy, art, music, theatre. Work in Progress: two chapbooks, one poetry collection