The Blog Project

Denver Pen Women has launched The Blog Project as a public showcase of creative works by its members.

Members will be able to submit an entry for each topic, with topics changing every other month. Members and the general public will be able to post comments on the submissions– We hope many do!

February / March Topic: What kind of love is best?

April / May Topic: The persistence of memories

June / July Topic: Mistakes

August / September Topic: I never thought I would…


The Blog Project — 4 Comments

  1. Is the Blog Project still in progress? I was becoming intrigued about submitting something when I realized the posts are from last year!

    I’ve just learned about your group through The Academy for Lifelong Learning, which informed me about your upcoming discussion on March 7 at Candlewyck, to which I find no reference on your website.

    After that, who knows? Anyway …thanks for being there!

    • The blog project is still going on as you can see from the January posts. I believe the submissions are for members only right now. That may change in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to read the posts and add your comments.

  2. (Referring to the love submissions)

    I didn’t know apples figured so big in love. I should have; I sure do love my organic Braeburns!

    All the points of view are a treat. Thanks for posting the V-Day video, Virginia. Eve Ensler is a hero of mine. That video said it for me, made me cry. Beautiful! We women need to keep that in mind. Sometimes it just drifts away and amazing goodness helps us to remember to sit in its center again.

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