May 2010

Newsletter of the Denver Branch
National League of American Pen Women
May 2010


THE MEETING WAS CALLED TO ORDER at 10 a.m. by Diane Chambers, President Elect, sitting in for President Paula Paul.

ATTENDANCE: Members: Gwen Scott, Jane Carpenter, Diane Chambers, Nancy Peterson, Marie Kriss, Lorrie Reed, Virginia Small, Florence Elliott, and Pat Kennedy. Guests: Laurian Harshman, Sue Luxa, Linda Messer, Kelly Ann Compton, Kara Rabe, Sheila Wright, and Abby Angell.

INSPIRATION: Lorrie read Jane Carpenter’s poem, “Discovery,” which was appropriate for Mother’s Day. Her mother’s voice, remembered, became part of her “garden.”

INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: Those introduced include Kelly Compton, who is joining, Laurian Hashman, Linda Messer, and Kara Rabe.

INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS: Marie, Kriss introduced the incoming officers who were present by reading our Mission Statement and asking them to pledge to uphold the mission by repeating “I so pledge.” Incoming officers (2010-2012) are President Diane Chambers, Vice President Ann Klaiman, and Co- Treasurers Gwen Scott and Paula Pahl. Diane announced that we have no incoming secretary as yet, and if no one volunteers for the position we will ask a member to volunteer at each meeting.

MINUTES: Approved as read. TREASURER’S REPORT: A balance of $1,735.29 as of May 1, 2010. Gwen reported that the branch received a thank you for our donation toward the cost of a gift for National President N. Taylor Collins.

SOME QUESTIONS TO NATIONAL are going unanswered. Kriss said she had talked to the national officers and they are still in the throes of transition, getting settled in their offices and making appointments.

MEMBERSHIP: Diane complimented Kriss on her success at running a great campaign for new members. The Life-Long Learning Center at DU connection has been “awesome,” members agreed. Six new women have joined and two more have submitted applications. Andrea Antico, Sheila Wright and Kelly Compton are in process and more are expected. Virginia was recognized for her work on our logo and layouts for our flyers and web site. One prospective member asked whether her teenage daughters might be eligible. There was discussion of a possible student category.

PROGRAM: Our June 5th meeting at which we plan the year’s programs was discussed and a sign-up sheet circulated for potluck dishes. Those unable to attend on June 5 were asked to send in their program ideas. Guests were told about our recent big projects, “Poetry to Go” and the “Peace Tapestry.” The possibility of having the tapestry displayed at the Denver Public Library was raised.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Diane noted we will be reviewing and updating officer and chair job descriptions. Virginia will accept your biographical material for the web site.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy Peterson


Dr. Dianne Blomburg was introduced as our speaker. She is a college teacher and has authored several children’s book and five psychology texts as well as researched articles, TV and radio scripts, and videos.

She said writing is her passion, and we all need to be passionate about our subject. After the passion comes looking at the commercial possibilities. Her aim for her children’s books is her hope to change a child’s life and dreams.

Her presentation included Random Thoughts:
• In her first book she included a page of Things to Do and Things to Talk About, which she thinks resulted in her first sale.
• She acted as her own agent and still does.
• A writer must balance complexity and believability.
• Pick a timeless, universal issue that will sell forever.
• You must be able to state in one sentence the who, what, when, where, why and how of a story. The character wants to _________but can’t because _________ and so she ________ to solve the problem.
• All stories have an act 1, 2, and 3. Everything has a formula.

Blomburg also discussed where to find ideas and how to find a market. She generously shared her experiences and answered questions.

Program reported by Nancy Peterson


TIME: by 10 a.m., arrive at Shirley’s, 10:15, business meeting, 11:30, potluck luncheon

WHERE: Home of Shirley Sheets. Additional details will be sent by e-mail.

The Denver Branch does not meet during July or August.
Respectfully submitted, Ann Klaiman, Newsletter Editor