Jane Carpenter


Jane recently won 2nd Place in the Pikes Peak (NLAPW) Branch’s 2010 Flash Fiction Contest. Here is her winning entry:

by Jane Davis Carpenter (all rights reserved)


You bet.


Nothing shocks me anymore.

What was your initial reaction?

When I heard that the violin had run away with the ‘cello
I shook my head in disbelief. ‘Cellos aren’t built for speed.

You’ve been a chamber music subscrfiber for years. Surely,
you noticed something?

Only that they gazed intently into each other’s eyes. It looked
like hunger. But they came back. Whatever it was, it made them
better musicians.

Reviews are good this season. Nobody mentions the scandal
in print.

Whispers boost box office?

You, Sir, are a cynic!

You bet.

Some Information about Jane:
Past Offices Held with Denver Branch: State Secretary 1990-1992; Branch Secretary 1994-1996 and 1998-2004. Past Work Published/Exhibited/Performed: Good Housekeeping; Woman’s Day; New York Times; Denver Post; Visions; Salome; Pandora; Blue Unicorn; Pegasus; Bloomsbury Review; The Pen Woman; Evergreen Living; Keyboard & Pen.

Learn about Jane’s new poetry anthology, What to Make of Silence, at: http://www.poetrypoetrypoetry.com/