A couple of online resources

There are two resources you might want to know about. One is the Writer’s Digest networking site. The other is Writer’s Market online.

Writer’s Market http://www.writersmarket.com/ as you know, offers a book full of listings for about $40 that you are supposed to buy every year. The problem with books is, by the time they come from the printer to the bookstore and into your hands much of the information is out of date. But did you know you can go online and use their interactive website for the same price? That’s why I think the interactive online option is a much better deal.

If you subscribe to Writer’s Market you can make a list of the genres you are looking for and your personal “agent” will tell you what markets are out there. No more highlighters, notes in the margins or Post It tabs. There is a submission tracker to help you keep track of what you sent where, to whom you sent it and when it was sent. If you find something interesting you can put it in a separate folder. That’s cool.

If you don’t want to make a commitment to a book or a one year subscription you can get a monthly subscription for $6. That averages out to a higher price than the yearly, but it’s great for trying it out. You can always change it.

Then there is Writer’s Digest online. http://community.writersdigest.com/
This is a social network with almost 4,000 members. This is where you can go and ask questions, have conversations and see what your fellow writers are up to. I have been to other social networks where people just sign on, tell you to buy their book and move on. I hate that. This one has an active membership. And it’s free.

So, check these out. I think you may like them and find them of good use.


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